Survival Sheath Systems

Chest Rig

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The Survival Sheath Chest rig was developed from a need to carry a defensive handgun for an adventure race proposed to me by my First Sergeant while stationed at Ft. Lewis. While the race never transpired, the idea of the chest holster stayed with me. The ability to wear a defensive handgun in a place where it would be instantly accessible at all times became a question of real estate on the body. That becomes an engineering problem, that the three strap harness solves, with the addition of the molded holster technology. The weapon is instantly accessible with a firm draw, but the molded holster will snap into place when seated, regardless of activity. Grip position is adjustable, although most prefer the grip down as it's a more ergonomic draw. Grip up is great for those who have a lot of equipment on the belt, or find themselves waist deep in water or brush. As a concealment holster it excels under a loose shirt, without the risk of waistband exposure, and no need for a belt. Magazine pouches are available in different forms depending on gun type and preference. Email to start the ordering process at

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