Survival Sheath Systems

Shoulder Rig

Regular price $149.95
The shoulder rig is an old concept, and with bulky leather and mechanical retention it can be problematic. The molded construction of the Survival Sheath System eliminates that possibility. Ballistic nylon coated with non skid fabric keeps the harness anchored in place with a minimum of movement. Without the need for a snap or lock the components are instantly available yet secure. A strap across the small of the back adds a third point of resistance to the draw, and prohibits the parts from swinging out of a jacket or shirt when bending over. All components are adjustable, and every strap has built in adjustment as well. There is no need for a tie down strap, eliminating the tell tale equipment belt. All are available on a custom basis for specific tools and lights, blades, and cuffs. Contact us for specifics.

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