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The Survival Sheath

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The Survival Sheath was designed after using a combo rig carried in EOD which carried a modified bayonet, camp crimper, pliers, multi-tool, and a roll of electrical tape. It was everything you needed to set up an explosive charge. The Survival Sheath is designed around a hard molded inner shell on the blade of your choice, for safety and security. The nylon shell will have a flapped pocket to hold a survival kit, and a dedicated fire steel loop. The size of the pouch depends on the size of the blade. This results in a sheath that will carry a decent blade with a kit that is hopefully geared towards your location. Even if you lose your pack, it will carry the things to make a fire, purify water, provide first aid, and affect rescue if that is your goal. Contact us for special deals on production blades we can provide.

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